The Experience

We provide impactful experiences for people to heal, nourish, connect, move, grow, and play in a therapeutic setting facilitated by rescued donkeys, inspired by nature, and fueled by a plant-based lifestyle!

Our therapeutic experiences are FUN, focused on self-empowerment and independence, and without lengthy checklists or measuring sticks. Each week, individuals from the Kansas City area come to ZDx to build relationships and develop skills they once only dreamed about.

Sessions are by appointment only and are intended for small private groups to allow for one-on-one interactions with a top priority of safety and wellbeing.

Who we help

ZDx serves people with neurological challenges, specifically focused on traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. We believe donkeys have a unique ability to connect with individuals dealing with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional symptoms. ZDx offers a way to promote healing, personal growth, and overall well-being beyond the four walls of conventional medical institutions.

The donkeys

Some donkeys in the ZDx program have been rescued from abusive or stressful environments and have neurological challenges of their own. Through this program, the donkeys also find safety and comfort as they simultaneously play the role of healer and survivor in a symbiotic cycle of positivity and hope. ZDx donkeys are treated as equal partners and facilitators in each session and are never used as tools or props. They are always treated with the respect, kindness, and love that they deserve! Learn more about our donkeys and meet the herd here!

Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Program Launch:

We begin this journey with two amazing local families who have graciously offered to be part of our initial program. Through this program, we will observe the impact our donkeys have on children with traumatic brain injuries and rare diseases
Through this launch, we shed light on Moyamoya disease/syndrome. Moyamoya is a rare condition that narrows blood vessels (internal carotid arteries) that supply blood to the brain; this limits the flow of blood to the brain, increasing the risk of stroke.
Through weekly ZDx sessions, we aim to achieve elevated overall wellbeing for families who have been deeply impacted by Moyamoya disease/syndrome.