The Donkeys

We believe that donkeys can play an important role in helping individuals find joy, alleviate stress, and nurture important relationship skills. Caring for and interacting with donkeys that have been rescued from negative situations is FUN and creates a unique space for introspection, emotional growth and overall well-being. We foster an environment in which participants are motivated to reach new levels of confidence, courage, and independence.

Donkeys are highly intelligent and have a healing, Zen-like presence. Their innate therapeutic qualities and unique ability to deeply connect with people can enable vulnerable individuals to develop important interpersonal skills as they learn to manage the challenges of everyday relationships.

Donkeys face a global emergency with the growing demand for donkey skins that are used in some traditional Chinese medicine practices and skincare products. In rescuing donkeys, and providing them with proper care, training, and the special job of helping people, ZDx simultaneously benefits donkeys and humans in need as they heal and flourish together. Learn more about the experience.


Meet our long-eared healers….


I'm sweet, sassy, and I don't yet understand the concept of personal space. I just love everybody and want to be as close as possible! I love my blankie, grapefruit peels, rump scratches, and being the center of attention (always). Pickle is my BFF in the whole wide world, and I will treat any and all objects left in the barn as my toys and/or snacks.




The rest of the herd refers to me as the Queen / The OG / Boss Babe. I'm gentle and curious with the humans but I like to take my time getting to know everybody. I love ear rubs, turnips, carrots, bananas, apples (pretty much any and all healthy snacks the humans provide). I often get the zoomies and just run around in circles inexplicably to confuse the humans. Sometimes my long ear beards blow in the breeze.





I may look like a mini donkey on the outside, but I identify as a horse most days. My BFF's are Cutter and Leo, and they're about 4x my size. I may seem introverted, but I'll do just about anything for an ear scratch and tummy rub. ZDF juice "Earl's Elixir" is named after me... because I'm awesome, obviously. Also, my salt rock is everything. 



I'm the tiniest in size but I have the biggest personality. My bray can be heard for miles (I only use the good notes), and I love the ladies (hubba hubba). Wheelbarrows and buckets are my jam too, especially when I knock them over. My favorite part of the day is nighttime when the humans tuck me in for bed and I try to sit on their laps. It usually ends in rump scratches and maybe a carrot. if I'm lucky.




Picasso (Pico)

I'm a bit of an introvert and usually try to blend in with my surroundings, which is hard considering I'm covered in spots. I'm a bit shy and reserved, but do enjoy interacting with the humans and the ear scratches that usually follow. Elliott and I have some things to work out, but we're getting there! I enjoy nightly rolls in the dirt, followed by a solid session chewing on my favorite soccer ball.




I'm a spunky red-headed orphan babe who loves to play, snuggle, and run around in no particular direction. I had a rough start to life but have become a healthy and happy gal in my forever home. My pink jolly ball is my favorite toy, and I enjoy going anything and everything involving interaction with the humans!