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A Letter From Our Founder:

It is with unbounded joy that I introduce ZDF's non profit sister organization, Zen Donkey Experience (ZDx)! We've been working toward this goal for years and are so excited and humbled to embark upon this new chapter of the Zen Donkey story! Facilitating a therapeutic journey through experiences with equines is a lifelong dream that I have been working toward as a volunteer for over 25 years, and being introduced to the unique wisdom and spirit of donkeys in the last few years has driven this passion into a reality!

ZDx sparks the beginning of a healing and joyful journey for people in our community, and eventually across America, with the important benefit of rescuing donkeys for our programs as an integral part of the mission.

In the coming years, we'll be building and testing our programs with some amazing kids and their families, who have so graciously joined us in the creation of this program.

With Love,

Kate Barker

"The most visible creatures I know of are those artists whose medium is life. The ones who express the inexpressible... without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar. They neither paint nor sculpt - their medium is being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life. They see and don't have to draw. They are artists of being alive."


Our mission:

Our purpose:

Next-Level Connection

Individuals from the Kansas City area come to ZDx to build relationships and develop skills they once only dreamed about.

At ZDx, we provide people with opportunities to nurture and develop important life skills like emotional connection, social interaction, communication skill-building, and confidence building, all in a safe, fun, and non-clinical setting.

Donkeys in our program have been rescued, many from terrible conditions or unfortunate circumstances. Now safe in our care, they have become wonderful teachers and facilitators, and helpers for humans facing emotional, psychological, and cognitive challenges. Our donkeys are also going through their own healing process, and greatly benefit from interacting with other humans on a 1:1 basis, fostering a special partnership of healing between the individual person and donkey.

We believe that donkeys can play an important role in helping individuals find joy, alleviate stress, and nurture important relationship skills. Caring for and interacting with donkeys that have been rescued from negative situations is FUN and creates a unique space for introspection, emotional growth and overall well-being. We foster an environment in which participants are motivated to reach new levels of confidence, courage, and independence.

Interested in our programs? Email us any time: info@zendonkeyexperience.org

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The Experience

We make our therapeutic experiences FUN, focused on self-empowerment and independence, and without lengthy checklists or measuring sticks.

We provide a safe, fun, and impactful experience for people to heal, nourish, connect, move, grow, and play in a therapeutic setting facilitated by rescued donkeys, inspired by nature, and fueled by a plant-based lifestyle!

Interested in applying for one of our programs? Email us any time info@zendonkeyexperience.org

How you can help


Why ZDx?

The wellness space has grown into a crowded and complicated web of solutions, and can be over-engineered and stressful, which defeats the entire purpose of seeking therapeutic experiences in the first place! At ZDx, we are breaking the mold of typical "therapies" and reimagining what it means to be well. We believe that empowering a deeper connection with animals, nature, and food can create an unwavering foundation for a lifetime of vibrant health, and we want to make these experiences accessible to all who seek them! Make no mistake, ZDx is not a "quick fix" for health, but rather an opportunity for personal growth and next-level connection through the healing qualities of donkeys, nature, and nutrient-dense, plant-based nourishment.

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